Tips To Enjoy The Thousands Of Podcasts

In both its free and paid version, Spotify has become an essential platform for millions of people who use it every day. Whether it’s working or being in the car or on vacation, we can access millions of songs instantly. But when we make a stop in the music, Spotify offers more entertainment in the form of Podcast, another option for which the platform is investing very strongly and facilitating the creation of content.


The functioning of Spotify within the podcast section varies slightly with respect to the playback of traditional music, as even the controls change when a podcast starts playing. The big difference between being a Premium and Free user with respect to podcasts is similar to music, that is, that paid users can download and listen to all the content they download offline.

A different player

When playing the podcasts we find options in the form of icons that represent functions. One of the most useful at a given time is to control the speed of reproduction. Many podcasts are taken from television programs and the audio is not entirely clear, or we may be hooked to a podcast in another language and we want to listen more slowly to understand better. In this way we can reduce or increase the speed of reproduction from the slowest 0.5X to 3X . Another aspect that differentiates the player in the podcast is that we have the option to advance or delay playback in 15 seconds, something similar to what we do on YouTube when we give a few touches to the screen.

How to share using code

If we are hooked on a podcast and have a close friend, there is a faster method to share it than copying the link or giving the classic share button. Just touch the context menu (the three points) and instantly a code will appear below the podcast cover. Our friend will only have to open Spotify and click on the camera icon found in the search menu. When you scan the code the podcast will open automatically on your device.