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Shared mailbox: an email address for everyone in Outlook

Email is something very personal, to the point that it serves to register us in countless online services such as those offered by giants such as Google, Facebook, Amazon or Microsoft, sometimes the same email address must be managed by several people, such as the suggestion box or the help of technical support address of any business or company.

shared mailbox

There are several ways to manage a shared email address. The most obvious is that the people involved share an address and password, but mail clients such as Outlook allow you to perform this task in a more comfortable way, through shared mailboxes.

With the shared mailboxes we can manage our own email accounts as well as the shared address separately, being able to receive messages and send them from that same address. In addition, they are available both in the desktop version and in the online and mobile versions.

Create The Shared Mailbox Account

The first step in using shared mailboxes in Outlook is to create that mailbox. For this, we must have an Exchange or Office 365 administrator account.

From the administration centre, we must go to Groups and there to Shared Mailboxes. Click on Add a mailbox and assign it a name. The name of the address is filled in automatically but we can change it to one more in line with our needs or preferences.

After clicking on Add, then we must click on Add members to this mailbox to give access to the shared mailbox to the people involved. Once we have searched and marked to add, click on Save and then Close.

Add A Shared Mailbox

If we are part of a shared mailbox, to configure it in Outlook we must simply restart the application. If everything goes well, that tray or mailbox should appear next to the ones we already had configured.

If not, we can add it manually from File> Account Settings. In the Email tab we choose the shared account, click on Change> More settings> Advanced> Add and type the shared email address. Then we follow the next steps, basically Accept and Next.

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In addition to a mailbox, we will have access to a shared calendar and the list of shared contacts, very useful for having the same contacts on hand as other users who share that email address.

On mobile devices, if we use Outlook for iPhone, iPad or Android, we must click on the Add account button and then on Add a shared mailbox.

Send And Reply To Messages

The shared mailbox is integrated as any email account. So, when we want to send a new message with that shared address we must select in the drop-down next to the From field. If it does not appear automatically, we must choose Other addresses … and then write the address by hand.

The same goes for replying to a message. Instead of doing it with our default email account we can choose the shared account.

In short, with the shared mailbox in Outlook it will be easier for us to organize or manage a single email account between several people.