neuronation brain training apk

Improve Memory With Neuronation, The Mental Training App

As the years go by we notice how halfway through our trip to the kitchen we forgot why we had got up from the sofa, or each time it is harder for us to remember what we have eaten the day before. It is a normal process that should not be cause for concern but, if you want to improve memory, there is an Android app that will propose different mental exercises that will not come at all bad.

neuronation brain training apk

With the recent increase in brain training applications available to every mobile user out there, it’s worth asking: Do these brain training games to improve memory have any real cognitive benefit? Ome studies have found that brain training games improve the “executive functions, working memory and processing speed” than younger ones, while in the case of adults the benefits go not improve, but preserve cognitive health

With this goal in mind, we encourage you to download Neuronation, one of the best apps to improve memory and what better opinions it has on both iOS and Android.

Neuronation and its mental games

The health application proposes only 15 minutes of training per day to avoid memory problems and train our brain in a fun and enjoyable. The operation of Neuronation is based on the previous analysis of the strengths and capabilities of the user to create a personal training plan tailored to their needs.

The application proposes 27 different exercises with 250 levels of difficulty that serve as an incentive and motivation for our daily training. In addition, it does not leave out the “online” component because it allows you to get together with friends, in order to buy the results, compete while training and surpass the limits imposed by our brain.

If you complete the 27 exercises before you thought about it, do not worry, because in the application new exercises and courses to improve memory are published regularly.
Although these games and applications to improve memory help, experts recommend continuing to do better, exercise regularly, eat better, or establish social relationships to avoid the deterioration of our cognitive health.

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